A round table discussion on the subject Why is it Good to Be Enterprising? took place on Friday, June 6, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. The aim of this project activity was to familiarize the wider community with the project, and talk about the importance of developing entrepreneurial competence from an early age. That is why principal Dunja Marušić Brezetić, after giving a brief introduction for the grammar school audience, led an interesting discussion with the panelists, who were cheerful and talkative. They were representatives of the student project group, Vjeran Pezdirc and Borna Sorić, and two students’ mothers who shared their business experience relevant for our project, Mrs. Snježana Petrov and Mrs. Jelena Matković. Other contributors to the discussion were Silvana Fratrić Kunac, the psychologist who worked on motivation workshops with the students, and Ria Bilić, representative of the company EU Projects where some of our students will do their 7-day internship. Project manager Igor Lukić also took part in the discussion as a panelist. He stressed his satisfaction with project implementation which they had planned for so long, and which is now slowly coming to an end. Students who attended the workshops fondly remembered Marija Kolovrat, Željka Kamenov and Martina Ferk, the lecturers whose workshops had been of great benefit to them. The panelists agreed that the entrepreneurial spirit should be developed from an early age, and that entrepreneurial learning within the framework of formal education influences the entrepreneurial spirit in later social and professional life.