About the project

School of Entrepreneurial Competitiveness in the Labor Market for Secondary Grammar School Students is a project created and carried out by I. gimnazija in Zagreb with the aim of improving Croatian everyday educational life and giving support to the development of the Croatian Qualifications Framework. The project is co-financed by the European Union, and is carried out within the framework of the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA)’s fourth component – Human Resources, and of the European Social Fund and its tender Further Development and Implementation of the Croatian Qualifications Framework.

Project title Škola poduzetničke konkurentnosti na tržištu rada za gimnazijalce
Project title in English School of Entrepreneurial competitiveness in the Labour market for Secondary grammar school students
Fund IPA IV program
European Social Fund
Total value of project 167.203,76 €
Co-funding by the EU 65,04%
Project Executor I. gimnazija, Zagreb, Croatia
Project Partner Vocational School of Economics (Druga ekonomska škola), Zagreb, Croatia
Project Collaborators Agency for Upbringing and Education
Labor market representatives
Start of Implementation August 19, 2013 / 8/19/13
End of Implementation August 18, 2014 / 8/18/04
Total Duration of Project 12 months
Project Implementation Sector Education


Why this project?

It is in times of global economic crisis that the education system should take on the role of preparing future young experts for the labor market. However, in the current offer of mandatory and elective subjects in general secondary education in the Republic of Croatia there is not a single school subject that would encourage the development of basic entrepreneurial competence in students. Thus, students who complete their secondary, or grammar school, education are replete with factual knowledge but do not possess skills which would enable them to successfully integrate into the labor market.


What will this project accomplish?

I. gimnazija in Zagreb, in partnership with the Vocational School of Economics (Druga ekonomska škola), and in collaboration with the Agency for Upbringing and Education as well as labor market representatives, decided to put a stop to this devastating fact by creating a project aimed at producing a bilingual curriculum, textbook, teacher’s handbook, and proceedings for the new elective subject “Entrepreneurship,” targeting the offer of elective subjects in general secondary education. The project will also give particular attention to the training of teachers who would teach this new school subject in the future, as well as to linking the general secondary education system to the labor market. The project stresses social entrepreneurship which takes into account the social responsibility of companies towards their community, high ethical standards in business, as well as strong care for the environment, human rights protection, and the overall welfare of the community and society.

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Agency for Upbringing and Education
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Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education

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