Project Activities

The general aim of the project School of Entrepreneurial Competitiveness in the Labor Market for Secondary Grammar School Students is to support the further development and implementation of the Croatian Qualifications Framework. The tangible contribution of the project, or its specific aim, is to allow secondary grammar school students to develop basic entrepreneurial competence by creating the elective subject Entrepreneurship, which all interested secondary grammar schools in Croatia will be able to incorporate into their offer of elective subjects upon completion of the project.

The project implementation itself is done through six work packages containing over 60 different activities, and several hundred sub-activities. The work packages are organized into two strategies which lead first to the specific, and then to the general aim of the project – the Education and Training Strategy, and the Gaining Basic Work Experience Strategy.

The diagram below shows project aims, and the associated strategies and work packages which consolidate project activities.


Education and Training Strategy

4 Activity Packages

First Activities Package
  • Visit a school in Denmark which has successfully linked general secondary education to the labor market.
  • Improve and modernize I. gimnazija’s curriculum.
  • Develop a bilingual curriculum/teaching plan and program based on learning outcomes for the new elective subject Entrepreneurship which targets secondary grammar schools, and whose main learning outcome is basic entrepreneurial competence.
Second Activities Package
Third Activities Package
Fourth Activities Package

Gaining Basic Work Experience Strategy

2 Activity Packages

First Activities Package
  • Raise students’ and community’s awareness of the importance of early acquisition of basic entrepreneurial competencies, and employers’ awareness of the advantages of hiring secondary grammar school students.
  • Raise employers’ and community’s awareness of the importance of social entrepreneurship.
  • Conduct a survey among employers about their expectations with regard to entrepreneurial competencies of newly employed people.
Second Activities Package