A detailed plan for the internship of our students was elaborated with labor market representatives that were companies which agreed to participate in the project. A different program was agreed on with each company, taking into account the company’s specificities. Thus, students at Croatia Airlines and Genos spent the first part of their internship getting to know different departments or laboratories, while the second part was dedicated to solving problem tasks related to marketing challenges faced by these companies. At EU Projekti, Algebra, Impact Hub Zagreb, and Konzum, students were immediately given specific tasks to solve, from digital marketing, to designing smaller projects, to organizing a large conference. Students were assigned mentors in each company who regularly monitored their activities, but also gave them freedom in designing solutions for a given problem, product or project.

Companies were offered teams of 3 to 5 students who provided their services, time, and ideas for free. The internships took place in the second half of June and at the beginning of July. Students regularly filled out their Work Journals, and employers wrote evaluations of the students’ work.

The impressions of all the participants about this activity are overwhelmingly positive. Employers were thrilled by our students’ efforts and seriousness, and the students were happy to gain their first work experiences in interesting surroundings.