On July 15 in I. gimnazija’s movie auditorium an expert conference on local and national level took place for principals and associate experts from Croatian secondary schools for the purpose of presenting the results of our work. Principal Dunja Marušić-Brezetić familiarized participants with the application procedure for the European project tender, and with experiences from the implementation of this project. Zlata Paštar, advisor for the subjects Politics and Economy and Sociology at the Agency for Upbringing and Education, and project work group member, presented the main guidelines of the curriculum for the new elective subject “Entrepreneurship,” after which a lively discussion about the ways of introducing this subject into schools ensued. Project activities coordinator Ivana Kljaković-Gašpić introduced participants to the program and results of the training program for future teachers of this elective subject.

Project manager Igor Lukić presented the electronic version of the project group’s textbook, teacher’s manual, and proceedings. Participants were also addressed by Ria Bilić, EU Projekti company manager, who recounted her experiences with students from the project group who attended the Learning in a Company program in her company. At the end of the program the principal discussed possible modes of introducing this subject into Croatian grammar school’s curricula. A relaxed atmosphere made it possible for everybody to freely express their opinions.