The Entrepreneurship textbook and teacher’s manual represent the key results of the project “School of Entrepreneurial Competitiveness in the Labor Market for Secondary Grammar School Students.” These two publications are fundamental tools for future entrepreneurship education, and they have been written in both Croatian and English, thus allowing for this subject to be taught in bilingual education programs in English.

The textbook addresses students attending secondary grammar school education programs, but it can also be used by other secondary schools, while the manual supports teachers in qualified preparation and lesson planning for the implementation of the curriculum, with the basic aim of achieving determined learning outcomes.

A total of nine authors contributed to the creation of these two publications – experienced entrepreneurship teachers, entrepreneurs, and different profile experts. The first chapter, Entrepreneurship as a Way of Thinking and Acting, which guides the student into the world of entrepreneurship and introduces the entrepreneurial spirit as a key competence, was written by Igor Lukić, I. gimnazija’s project manager and entrepreneur. In the second chapter, Entrepreneur and the Community, the students are made aware of the importance of corporate social responsibility and related topics by social entrepreneur Teodor Petričević. What a project consists of, and how it is implemented, is described in the third chapter, From Idea to Project, by entrepreneur Martina Ferk. In the fourth chapter, From Project to Company, students are introduced to the most important aspects of organizational structuring of an entrepreneurial venture and company operations by Gordana Zoretić, with a B.A. in Economics, teachers of economics-related subjects Ondina Čižmek Vujnović and Tatjana Vujnović, and Gordan Horbec, entrepreneur and financial expert. In the fifth chapter, Entrepreneurial Skills, international management lecturer Maša Magzan and university psychology professor Željka Kamenov teach students about different types of skills.

The publications were given the green light by two independent reviewers, and will be sent to the competent institutions for evaluation and approval.

The electronic version of these publications are available for download on the project’s website under “Project Results.”