On Saturday, June 7, 2014 this season’s last debate tournament took place at I. gimnazija in collaboration with the Croatian Debate Society, and within the framework of I. gimnazija’s European project. The propositions debated by grammar school students were inspired by entrepreneurship. The propositions were very interesting, ranging from whether corporate social responsibility is more important than profit, to whether marketing is based on fraud, to whether multinational companies bring more evil than good, etc. Since debate propositions were announced before each debate, each debate team had a half hour to prepare. Although time was short and work abundant, it only made the tournament more interesting and exciting. Eventually, 2. gimnazija’s debate team – the Bushmen – Dina, Tin and Manuel took away the victory. All in all, it was a very nice meeting of debate teams from several different cities and grammar schools, and through the art of debate and rhetoric everybody learned something new about entrepreneurship.

Vjeran Pezdirc