Drop of Goodness is a charity fair organized for the 19th consecutive year by the I. gimnazija. This year the fair was organized in a somewhat different manner. Each student from the project group was nominated manager of a class section, and each class section had the task to set up a stall with products and food typical of their given EU country. A few students from the project group who weren’t assigned class sections to manage represented the fair’s management board, which ran and monitored the whole process of organizing the fair. The students received guidance from lecturer Martina Ferk. The fair was held over two days, April 9 and 10, and the turnout from parents, friends and other well-meaning people was such on both days that students managed to collect over HRK 23,000. All collected funds will be paid into I. gimnazija’s Solidarity Fund. This was the most successful fair to date. Our students had their work cut out for them, but they also received invaluable experience in event organization, people management, and fair promotion. Their sense of enterprise and creativity really stood out. We are happy to have such hard-working and enterprising students at our school, so we would once again like to thank our student-entrepreneurs for their energy, time invested in the project, and excellent results.