During the implementation of I. gimnazija’s European project, ancillary materials were developed which students and teachers alike may find useful during entrepreneurship education.

One of these is the test for the assessment of students’ entrepreneurial competencies development, which needs to be taken before and after the education program. It is recommended that the test be administered by the teacher in collaboration with the school’s expert services which can help analyze the results, and assess the progress in developing students’ entrepreneurial competencies.

The second set of materials available for download is related to the implementation of the activity “Learning in a Company.” One is the Intern’s Journal, in which students and their mentors from companies selected to take part in implementing entrepreneurship education register students’ tasks and work results during the school year. Another is the Intern Evaluation Form, where the mentor from the company in which the student is acquiring basic work experience evaluates the student’s success in performing tasks, and the development of their basic entrepreneurial competencies.

The materials are available for download on the project’s website under “Project Results,” but it is important to stress that the Intern’s Journal and the Intern Evaluation Form cannot be used, but rather represent a template for teachers to develop their own materials.