Within the framework of our project we have organized a teacher training program called Entrepreneurship as an Elective Subject in Secondary Grammar Schools. The training program went on from June 30 to July 3, 2014, and saw the participation of 27 Croatian teachers.


Secondary grammar school teachers went through a shortened version of the program that the students had also attended. At the beginning and at the end of the training participants were tested for entrepreneurial competence. Besides the project presentation, the topics of lectures and workshops included: Entrepreneurial spirit as a key competence and the importance of the entrepreneur’s role, Innovativeness, From project to company, How to make your students more creative, innovative and enterprising, The Danish innovative KIE model in the classroom, Organizational skills, Intercultural skills, From idea to project, Finances and accounting, Communication skills, and Entrepreneur and the community. At the end of each day participants wrote evaluations, and on the last day a round table discussion was held with students who had taken part in the project, where they exchanged their experiences and knowledge with the training program participants. Our students Paula Marsenić, Jurica Blaslov, Edolina Morina and Matija Ricov were incredibly friendly, and told the teachers their honest opinions about the worshops as well as general remarks on what works well in the school, and what should be changed.


Upon completion of the training program, participants were handed their certificates of participation by I. gimnazija’s principal. All participants expressed great enthusiasm, praised the organization, and showed satisfaction with what they had learned during the four-day training program.



Zlata Paštar