I.gimnazija’s European Project Ends

On August 18, 2014 the European project “School of Entrepreneurial Competitiveness in the Labor Market for Secondary Grammar School Students,” set up and implemented by I. gimnazija in partnership with Druga ekonomska škola (Vocational School of Economics), and in collaboration with the Agency for Upbringing and Education as well as labor market representatives, reached […]

Newly Created Entrepreneurship Education Curriculum Published

The most important result of I. gimnazija’s European project, the entrepreneurship education curriculum, was created in Croatian and English, and is available for download on the project’s website under “Project Results.”

A numerous team of entrepreneurship experts, entrepreneurship and related subjects teachers, and entrepreneurs, participated in different stages of curriculum creation. A significant transfer of […]

Ancillary Materials for Entrepreneurship Education Published

During the implementation of I. gimnazija’s European project, ancillary materials were developed which students and teachers alike may find useful during entrepreneurship education.

One of these is the test for the assessment of students’ entrepreneurial competencies development, which needs to be taken before and after the education program. It is recommended that the test be […]

Entrepreneurship Textbook and Teacher’s Manual Published

The Entrepreneurship textbook and teacher’s manual represent the key results of the project “School of Entrepreneurial Competitiveness in the Labor Market for Secondary Grammar School Students.” These two publications are fundamental tools for future entrepreneurship education, and they have been written in both Croatian and English, thus allowing for this subject to be taught […]

Proceedings – Bilingual Entrepreneurship Dictionary Published

One of the key results of I. gimnazija’s European project was the creation of bilingual proceedings. In the early stages of project implementation, the project work group, in collaboration with the target group and external experts cooperating with the project team, agreed on turning the proceedings into a Croatian-English and English-Croatian entrepreneurship dictionary.

It was […]